Updated 28/01/22

Although the UK Government has eased restrictions on 27/01/22, we have decided to retain some restrictions to help our congregation feel safe. This applies to both Sunday Worship and Breakfast Church Services.

Before you come

You may find it useful to look at the Personal Risk Assessment which you can use to make an informed decision about whether to attend or not. This is for your use – we don’t need you to submit this to us.

What to expect when you arrive

Wearing a face covering is recommended

For the safety of others, we recommend that face coverings are worn during services, and especially for events when expect there to be large numbers attending.

More information about face coverings and exemption guidelines

Choose where to sit

The back 2 rows in the church are reserved for those who feel more vulnerable.

These rows are specially allocated to be behind the majority of the congregation and closer to the doors for ventilation.

Cold outside? Wear warm clothes

Doors to the church may be open during the service to increase ventilation. Therefore, please make sure you dress accordingly.

Sanitise your hands

Please use the automatic hand sanitisers both when you enter the building and before you leave.

Sanitisers are located next to all entrances.

Breakfast Church (1st Sunday) sit in designated area

Breakfast will be buffet style, please choose your breakfast then sit and eat in your designated break out area to minimise contact during the service.

During the service

Respect social distancing

Please respect that people may not be comfortable with others being close to them, so please be mindful and keep at distance between yourself and others.

Congregational singing

Congregational singing is permitted.


Unfortunately, we can’t accept cash gifts at present. Please use online banking or ChurchSuite Donate for your gifts. Please speak to the Church Treasurer for more details

After the service


Refreshments are served after the service in the Wesley Hall. Please take a seat at a table (no more than 6 people per table) and refreshments will be brought to you.

Please leave by the marked exit

Move away from the doors to allow others to exit


If you’d like someone to pray for you after the service, please ask a steward or the minister.